Words From Our Homeowners


We could tell you all about the home ownership programs Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester has available to help local families, the compelling reasons why you should join us for a Build Day, the thousands of amazing volunteers who touch our lives every day with their hard work and selflessness, or our extraordinary staff who care so much about putting local families into affordable homes.

But in the words of Ashley, who recently moved into an Auburn home with her family, we think you’ll understand best how it feels to finally realize the dream of home ownership in a safe and decent neighborhood:

“The journey that Habitat has taken us on has been an amazing and memorable experience that I will always hold dear to my heart. I’ve never imagined that I would frame walls or help build a deck, but I sure did, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I have always had an eager mind and I love to learn new things and Habitat has allowed me to learn, which I personally believe to be an invaluable experience. The sense of satisfaction and pride that comes with completing a project is just so gratifying.

Since I was young, I can remember Habitat for Humanity being talked about and I knew that they did great things for families but that was the extent of what my then adolescent mind knew about it all. I never actually realized that Habitat homes were in my own community. Now, however I can proudly say that Habitat is my community and if you could peel away all the plaster and paint of our soon to be forever home, there are many signed names that can attest to that.

I once heard a quote that really resonated with me and it goes like this, “There really is enough love to spread throughout the world, if we could each just give a little of it.” I’ve witnessed first-hand some of that love being given by each one of the many amazing volunteers who have contributed to the success of our homes construction. Each volunteer that I’ve met has been more than happy to be helping. It truly is a beautiful thing to see a community come together, especially for a family that they don’t even know.

I love to be able to share stories with my children after a hard days work on site, and I hope my story telling can instill great ideals and values that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Speaking of my children, they each have so much excitement about moving into their forever home:

  • Noah has great plans to build a treehouse;
  • Jahnalee can’t wait to paint her walls purple;
  • Josiah is eager to run around and play in his huge yard;
  • Aida wants to get a puppy;
  • My little Mia is too young to tell me what she’s looking forward to but I’m sure she’ll find something about her new home that she adores.

And as for my husband and I, we can’t wait to help each of them achieve those things that they yearn for, and to be able to do it in a safe and affordable place brings much peace to our lives.

When I first learned about the Auburn homeownership opportunity I was instantly excited and presented the idea of applying to my husband. He was at first skeptical but agreed to give it a shot. We went through the application process, and as a family of great faith, my husband and I handed it over to God and maintained faith that he would provide.

It is a great feeling to know that our future mortgage payments will aid the process to continue to pay it forward for other well deserving families, and to know firsthand the amazing peaceful emotions that come with being a habitat homeowner brings, is also to know that there is a never ending cycle of love within our community that will prosper forever.”

– Ashley, Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester  Home Owner, Auburn, MA

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